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We at Trans light Electricals supply the best quality insulation tapes for a variety of cable fitting and electrical applications in Dubai. Whether you want to insulate a wire or ensure the safety, our selection includes versatile electrical tapes to meet your demands at a competitive cost.
From small projects to the biggest electrical fitting project, insulation tapes need to be of high-quality material as there are multiple applications which may include

  • Jacketing
  • Bundling
  • Identification (for visibility and examination)
  • Eliminating
  • Corrosion protection
  • Harnessing
  • Sealing

Specifications & Features

  • Flame retardant PVC insulation tape.
  • Pressure-sensitive rubber based adhesive.
  • Suited for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Great electrical insulating properties for up to 600 Volt applications.

Our Range Includes

Having the reputation of a reliable insulation tape supplier in Dubai, we cover everything you need such as PVC Insulation Tapes Nylon, Rayon, NWP Cotton, Glass and Mica Tapes, Rubber Tapes, Standard Insulation Tapes in different sizes and colours.

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