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Trans Light Electricals deals in high-quality underground warning tape both non-detectable and detectable to highlight pipelines and cables for construction workers to recognize systems set below ground quickly and efficiently. We deal with innovative manufactured detectable underground warning tape in the Dubai that can be tracked above ground, moreover reducing time-wasting and discovering underground systems efficiently.

Specifications of Non-Detectable Warning Tape

  • Heavy duty and non-adhesive
  • Resistant to oil and corrosion
  • Approved by utility companies worldwide
  • Manufactured from low-density polyethylene/high-density polyethylene
  • Available in: all width(from 50 mm to 1000 mm) and thickness(from 30 micron to 200 micron)
  • Prevents electrical cables against accidental damage

Specifications of Detectable Warning Tape

  • Printed 7/9 micron foil detectable warning tape
  • Standard Specification for Polyethylene Films and Sheeting
  • Aluminum core is detected through means of inductive locating.
  • The tape provides a "stop-sign" effect that is highly visible

Messages and Colors

We deal with warning tapes that come in different messages & colors to define the purpose. General messages include Water, Fiber Optic, Sewer, Telephone, Cable TV, Reclaimed Water, Electric, Gas, apart from it we also offer custom legends (On request).

The ideal colors of warning tape we deal are Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green or as per customer requirement.

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