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Cable Glands and Cleats

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To ensure support and retention, cable cleats have been designed and used in every electrical installation and fitting. We offer a wide range of PVC Cable Cleats Suppliers in Dubai designed for industrial as well as hazardous areas. Available in a wide range of materials, each type of cable cleats suits different applications such as heavy-duty variants or installations, where cable performance needs to be maintained with proper support.

PVC Cable Cleats

These cable cleats are made with thermoset epoxy coating and offer outstanding protection in high humidity, chemical attacks and more.

Trefoil Cable Cleats

Used to calm high voltage single core cables in a trefoil structure, giving your cables a free flow of electrical supply. They are able to reduce electromagnetic interference shielding cables from lightning discharges.


Applications & Features of Cable Cleats

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Trans light Electricals is a trusted supplier of Cable cleats to its precious clients across the UAE. The range we offer suits a variety of applications, and we supply products from all the trusted brands.

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