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Quality Signal Control Cable Supplier for All Type LIYCY, YSLY JZ

The signal control cable works exceptionally in controlling data signals as a shield from preventing external signal interference. It is not particularly used for power supply, and there isn’t any need for voltage.

It is made up of stranded multi-wire copper conductors and glass-fiber tape. We deal with all types of rubber electrical cables, whether LIYCY cable or YSLY JZ cable; our reputation is well maintained. We ensure our products are delivered to you thoroughly after inspection, testing, and much more. The cables are ideal for audio applications and low-voltage control signals.

A signal control cable is ideal for transmitting electrical signals, generally unshielded. Therefore, when choosing us as the supplier, you get flexible signal control cables in Dubai that are unshielded or shielded. Furthermore, it leads to offering relief from external electrical noise interference.

There are Two types of signal cable we deal in


LIYCY cable features good EMC characteristics and is a color-coded flexible screen data cable. It comes with a small outer diameter and small bending radius, used in construction, control panels, low-voltage switchboard plants, scales, and other appliances.


This cable features a fine-stranded wire which ensures smooth data and power transmission. Therefore, YSLY JZ is suitable for various industrial environments. It belongs to the class of control cables and electronic cables.

Features of Signal Control Cable

We understand the importance of time and money, and therefore, the cables we offer exceed your expectations. Our signal control cable offers multiple features, including:

  1. PVC conductor insulation added with color codes for seamless identification
  2. PVC outer jacket provided in color code
  3. Easy to install due to its flexibility
  4. Order cut to a length that reduces the expense and eliminates waste
  5. Good usability with field wireable connectors
  6. The signal control cable Dubai carry both UL and CSA approval

Application of Signal Control Cable

Our signal control cables are suitable for various applications. To know more, keep reading:

  • When you choose us as we provide cables that can be used easily for indoor purposes as data transmission cables in automation systems 
  • The applicability of the cables also works in electronic control technology.
  • Ideal for low voltage and control signals
  • A Great deal in the audio application
  • We deal with flexible cables designed for wet or dry locations, namely type LIYCY, YSLY JZ, etc. 
  • Our signal control cable UAE works well for data transmission applications that need superior signal protection.


Our signal control cables offer ultimate advantages when in use. That includes:

  • The control cable works wonderfully in industrial and mining enterprises, 
  • Our control cable does the job well in energy and transportation departments
  • Delivers commendable Insulation electrical strength
  • The core wire is grounded with other core wires making it insulation resistant
  • Offer great Working capacitance

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Translight Electrical as the signal control cable supplier, you are assured of getting quality and on-time delivery of your product. As a supplier in the signal control cable and electric sector, we have built a very strong reputation.

Aside from having a trustworthy reputation in Dubai, we are renowned overall in the UAE. This is because we have qualified and experienced personnel who understand the ins and outs of using modern technology and management techniques.

We have made an important place as a supplier and exporter of remarkable cables in quality, affordability, and durability. We look forward to ensuring the quality and customer satisfaction are attained at the maximum and in the best possible manner.

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