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Trusted Nexan cable supplier in UAE

Nexans is a leading global cable manufacturer that provides power through innovative cabling technology to millions of homes, businesses, and cities. Nexans’ mission is to give you solutions to the most complex cabling problems in energy infrastructure, energy resources, transport, buildings, telecom and data. Nexans is a global leader in the power cable and accessories industry. Nexans has everything you need to keep your equipment running at peak performance, from high-voltage cables to low-voltage and medium-voltage cables.

About Nexan Cable

Translight, as a Nexan cable supplier in UAE, offers premium Nexans power cable, its accessories and cabling solutions that are guaranteed to meet the demanding needs of today’s digital era. Our products are engineered to deliver optimal results and help you make your company technologically advanced.

We, Translight, are the essential link to data and revolution. We are Nexan cable dealers. We supply Nexan cables in Dubai, which helps transmit power and data across various parameters that go beyond wires. Our purpose is to provide a life link by supporting the advancement of technology in modern life.

Types of Nexan cables we offer

Data transmission cables

Data transmission cables are designed to transmit data over long distances with high bandwidth capacity. The data transmission cables are used in different industries and applications such as telecommunication, data storage and retrieval, computers, military communications and control systems, scientific research equipment etc.

Automation cables are designed for repetitive motion, narrow bending radii, and significant pulling acceleration. These cables can withstand the demands of automation, so they are great for use in guides and other similar applications.

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Multicore control cables

Nexans multicore control cables are a great choice for any application requiring a high degree of protection against chemicals, oils, and flame resistance.

These cables are available in 2 to 25 wire configurations with a cross-section area up to 6mm2. They are flexible enough to be used in class 5 applications and have a small bending radius.


The Nexans cables are high-quality materials with special protection against UV radiation, oxidation and electrochemical attack. They also provide stable voltage characteristics over the long service life, even in harsh operating conditions.

Why do you need Nexan cables?

Nexans cables are suitable for a wide range of applications – they offer flexibility and resistance to repeated bending to which communication and control lines in guideways are usually exposed.

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