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A popular type of cabling used to connect and transfer data between multiple devices, routers, computers, switches and storage networks, networking cabling is essential for every workplace. We offer a wide range of networking cabling suppliers in Dubai, categorized into various types.

Twisted Pair Cables

The most commonly used cables for local area networks, such as office, retail and copper communication cabling etc. Containing four pairs of thin connecting wires, where each pair is twisted to prevent interference from other connected devices, and cables.

Fibre Optic Cable

These cables are used where high bandwidths are required, such as airports, banks, hospitals and railway departments. Today, fibre optic cables are becoming the choice of all the data networking installation.

Features & Applications

Our networking cables are designed for advanced networking and offer high standard cat5e network cable, which are fully tested and suitable with short-bodied connectors.

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