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Importance of Emergency and Exit Lighting in Your Building

Emergency lighting and exit signs are essential for the safety of your employees and visitors in case of any emergency. The emergency lights illuminate the building interior when the main power is absent. In case of a fire or any other hazardous situation, it becomes necessary to evacuate the people immediately. One needs to find their way in the dark to escape from a building. Emergency lights provide illumination during the escape attempt. Exit signs inform the visitors or the residents about the way out during an emergency.

The term “emergency lighting” covers all types of lighting used to illuminate a place when there is a failure in the main supply or when there is a need for an immediate evacuation from an area due to an unforeseen situation such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc. The exit signs are most commonly used as emergency lighting because these are essential for guiding people out during an evacuation process after a disaster strikes.

There are two types of emergency and exit lighting:
1. Standby
2. Eescape

Standby lighting is for the safety of people who remain in a dangerous environment after an incident, such as emergency responders or utility workers. Escape lighting, on the other hand, provides illumination for people attempting to leave a place or escape a life-threatening situation.

Standby emergency and exit lighting are usually used in hospitals, police stations, fire stations, airports and other facilities where people may be present during a critical incident. It must be able to last at least one hour after the main power supply fails. Also, it must automatically turn on at all times to provide reliable illumination during an emergency. The standby light can be either battery-powered or connected to an alternative power source, such as batteries or generators. Standby lights may be classified according to the type of fixture they are fitted in: wall-mounted fixtures, pendant fixtures (suspended from ceilings), standalone fixtures (not attached to walls or ceilings) and gypsum board (drywall) lights.

Emergency and exit lighting are used indoors and outdoors in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, schools, airports, and hospitals. Most of the time, we only realize how much we rely on electricity once it’s gone! Many situations can cause blackouts, including bad weather conditions, strong winds and snowstorms that cause power outages across entire regions or major utility outages due to natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Unnatural disasters such as terrorist attacks can also cause blackouts. Installing emergency and exit lights in your building is one way to prepare for a blackout.

In crowded areas, like a building or a high rise, an emergency light system may be the only lifesaving commodity in a crisis, such as a fire accident. Unfortunately, fire accidents have become frequent in recent years, and crowded cities and localities are highly vulnerable to such accidents. The lights indicate where to go when smoke fills the hallways, staircases or corridors, and they are even more significant at night when it is difficult to find your way out of danger by sight alone.

When it comes to emergency and Exit lighting, prevention is always better than cure. The cost of your average exit light is meagre. And that’s just the financial aspect of it. However, the price is nothing when compared to human life. Thousands of people die every year in fire accidents because they couldn’t find an exit fast enough or in time to save themselves. A building with exemplary emergency and exit lights can make all the difference between life and death.

Emergency and Exit Lighting is critical in large commercial buildings, where there are so many rooms, hallways and exits to remember in case of an emergency. But even if you’re living in a small apartment building with only one or two exits, you cannot forget about emergency lighting—you may need to get out of your apartment fast one day!
If you’re a resident of an apartment building, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this service provided by your landlord. It’s not expensive, and it could save your life one day!

  • What are the main reasons to install Emergency and Exit Lighting in Your Building?

There are many reasons why it’s essential to have emergency lighting and exit in your building, and this section will discuss the most important ones.

Firstly, emergency and exit lighting provide illumination, allowing people to see clearly, avoid obstacles and move confidently to the nearest exit in a crisis. That is very important because, in an emergency, you may be surprised or disoriented or injured in some way that impairs your mobility. Either way, light is essential so that you don’t trip and fall over something.

Increasing the adoption of safety regulations by governments is expected to create a conducive environment for the growth of the global emergency lighting market, as new buildings are required to be equipped with emergency and exit lights as per the latest standards. These factors are expected further to accelerate the growth of the emergency lighting batteries market.

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