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Welcome to Trans Light Electricals! Prominent Electrical Supplier in UAE

What Makes Us Best & Affordable Electrical Supplier in Dubai

Trans Light Electricals LLC is among the leading Electrical cable and accessories suppliers in UAE, offering the most innovative solutions based on the latest economic trends.

Our goal is to protect your lighting with the most advanced electrical supplies from the leading manufacturers, everybody trusts. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have managed to develop partnerships with top developers and gained the trust of our valuable clients.

Moving forward with the achievements and impeccable customer services, Trans Light Electrical suppliers has made its first move to Abu Dhabi in the year 2014.

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We make it Easy to Find the Best Electrical Parts and Accessories from Leading Brands!

Whether for a large-scale project or a small renovation, it gets difficult to find essential electrical supplies from manufacturers ensuring the guarantee of durability and safety. This is the reason why Trans Light Electricals LLC has been able to effectively work with the biggest clients and companies as we deliver all the wiring accessories, cable lugs, earthing and lightning protection and electrical accessories from world-known brands such as Topex, Oxford, Rupam, Schnieder, Panasonic and many more under one roof.

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Why Shop at Trans Light Electricals LLC?

You might get hundreds of distributors of electronic components and tools, but the commitment to providing genuine products from leading brands around the world is rare to find. With us, you can rest assured that all the products you are receiving are supplied to you by a reputed company, having a large network in the industry.

Here Are Some More Reasons to Partner With Us!


Save Your Time of Searching for Products

As mentioned, we understand the importance of your time and money. Hence, we have stocked all the branded electronic parts and accessories at one place, from the quality dealers so you don't waste your time anymore.


Global Network

Our worldwide connections with globally known manufacturers and suppliers have allowed us to expand the supply chains at unbeatable prices. Plus, the knowledge we have gained in the 25 years, has given us the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with our partners.


Exceptional Quality Products

To keep our reputation maintained, we make sure that all the products are delivered to you after inspection, XRF testing and much more to ensure the quality and customer satisfaction in the best possible manner. We believe in quality more than anything else.


Distinctive Range of Options

We have been offering thousands of components to our clients across the UAE. We are the supplier of a wide range of products such as Switch Sockets & Wiring Accessories, PVC Flexible Wires, Earthing Accessories, Exhaust, and Ceiling & Pedestal Fans and so on.


Brands You Can Trust

Dealing with the top brands around the world, we feature almost every brand including - Unitech, Panasonic, Bicon, Ducab, Volex, Legrand, CMP and so on. You can easily find anything relevant to your needs and if not, we will find it for you.


On-Time Delivery

Apart from everything, we offer on-time delivery to meet your business needs and deliver customer satisfaction. Our advanced dispatch technology and support staff maintain the delivery standards of Trans Light Electricals.

Great Partnerships with Superior Brands

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