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Electrical cables are the unsung heroes of modern life, quietly powering our homes, businesses, and industries. These unassuming wires play a crucial role in ensuring that electricity flows seamlessly, enabling our gadgets to function and our appliances to run smoothly.

When it comes to earthing and electric fitting cables, we cover a wide range of armoured cables, which include single-core armoured cables, multi-core XLPE/PVC/AWA armoured cables that contain a voltage rating from 600-1000V and protection for particular applications like traffic signals and more. As a leading XLPE cable supplier, we also have a complimentary range of quality cable accessories designed and tested to ensure a perfect fit with our cables.


These are generally used for the supply of mains electricity and for backup control cables in various environments including, outdoors, indoors, in experimental systems, aerial power networks in cable ducting, etc. As a trusted electrical cable supplier in Dubai, we offer low-smoke flame-resistant rubber cables that excel in wiring for commercial buildings, residential complexes, hotels, institutes, hospitals, and more. These cables not only ensure premium safety during fire incidents by minimizing smoke and toxic gas emissions but also effectively restrict the spread of fire. With weather and fire resistance coupled with high mechanical strength, they are ideal for industrial use, renewable energy projects, telecommunications, data centers, transportation systems, military applications, emergency services, infrastructure projects, and custom solutions, all while maintaining compliance with global safety standards and certifications.


When it comes to securing reliable electrical cable suppliers in UAE, Translight stands at the forefront of the industry. With a rich history of excellence and a commitment to providing top-quality electrical cables, we have earned the trust of businesses and contractors.

Our extensive inventory covers a wide range of electrical cables to meet various industrial and commercial needs. Whether you require power cables for construction projects or specialized solutions for energy distribution, we offer a comprehensive selection.

Choose us, and you’re choosing reliability, performance, and peace of mind for your projects. We are one of your trusted cable suppliers in UAE, We ensure timely deliveries and unmatched customer satisfaction.

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