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Trans Light Electricals is the best supplier of Earthing Clamps & Fittings to suit every need of your earthing operations. Whether you are looking for special Earthing Clamps, Fixed Earthing Points or Railway Earthing Clamps, we have covered everything at competitive cost.

Our Products Include

Specially designed to combine the pipes to conductor for earthing, an extensive range of earthing clamps is available to meet particular earthing system applications and smooth working of electrical communicational appliances and equipment.
  • Tower Earth Clamp
  • High strength copper alloy Clamps
  • U Bolt Single Plate Type Clamp
  • JAB Clamps
  • Keyhole Type Clamps
  • GUV Type Clamps
  • U Bolt Double Plate Type

Special features

  • Designed & produced under strict and certified quality control procedures
  • Available in different colours
  • Ideal for corrosive humid conditions

Explore our products to get special earthing clamps in dubai.

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