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High Quality cable ties suppliers in Saudi Arabia

What if one day you enter your place and find all cables and wires scattered? Messy!!It will be horrible. Right? But don’t worry we have a solution to keep all your cables and wires secure at a single place with the help of one single thing. Cable Ties!! Cable Ties are used to clip cables and wires together. Cable types vary in size, shape, color etc. We all like our things to be organized and Cable Ties are doing that job so well for us! But it’s quite difficult to trust anyone these days so Trans Light LLC is here to provide you the most efficient Cable Ties from one of the most renowned brands Raiden! After supplying the foremost quality of Cable Ties in UAE now we are here to provide you the best cable ties in Saudi Arabia! You can get all kinds of Cable ties from the Trans Light LLC, Cable Tie Suppliers in Saudi Arabia.

How cable ties can safeguard your cables and wires?

Nowadays people often demand creative and attractive things so keeping this in mind we have brought to you some of our exceptional Raiden cable ties which are not only useful but are also eye catching with a wide variety in color, shape, cost etc.

PVC Nylon Cable Ties

These cable ties are used in tv sets, lightening, motors etc. These ties remain unaffected by acid and have great tolerance. These ties are highly efficient in self-locking and are easy to operate.

Polypropylene cable Ties

These cable ties act as great weather, chemical and temperature resistant. They usually come in green color. Nylon 6/6 is better in strength compared to Polypropylene.

Stainless Steel cable Ties

They are mostly used at places where moisture is highly concerned. When you don’t want heavy tools or equipment to be moved frequently then these ties are one of the best options. They are great in strength.

Low Density Polyethylene cable ties

They are highly malleable in nature. They are used to clip cable ties temporarily.

Whenever it comes to cables and wires, we should be more careful and should choose properly branded things because we are going to use them time to time. So, choose wisely !!Happy tying!

Translight is offering High quality Cable Ties in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca Medina, Sulţānah ,Dammam, Ta’if Tabuk, Al Kharj, Buraydah, Khamis, Mushait, Al Hufūf, Al Mubarraz & Hafar Al-Batin.

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