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High Quality Cable glands suppliers in Saudi Arabia

Not only the cables but also the cable glands that you use to keep the ends of your cable and device safe are prominent. Cable glands are one of the best solutions for sealing cables passing. Translight Electricals LLC is here with the most promising brand Raiden to offer you the best Brass Cable Glands with over 25 years of experience in the industry which is Raiden Cable Glands!! 

After being the leading suppliers in Dubai now we are also available to lend you the great benefits and products as the Brass Cable Gland Suppliers in Saudi Arabia!!

We offer some of our exceptional Brass cable glands in Saudi Arabia from the most promising brand Raiden which includes,

BW Cable Gland

Raiden BW4 part type cable gland which provides utmost retention. It has a longer body which makes it different from other glands. It contains Nickel plated brass as its optical gland material. It can be used as an alternative for waterproof seals indoors.

CW Cable Gland

Raiden CW part type cable glands mostly used with Single wire Armour providing higher electrical continuity. It also contains Nickel plated brass as its optical gland material. It is used on a greater extent for outdoor applications.

E1W Cable Gland

Raiden E1W type cable gland provides seal on inner and outer cable sheath. It can be easily detached from the device and is durable which makes it the best choice for the long run. It is used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

A1/A2 Cable Gland

Raiden A1/A2 type brass cable glands are mostly used for all types of circular, unarmoured cables. It has a seal on the outer sheath. It’s one of the best solutions for waterproof and for vast climatic conditions.


Why to choose our cable glands?

Translight is offering High quality Brass Cable Glands in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca Medina, Sulţānah ,Dammam, Ta’if Tabuk, Al Kharj, Buraydah, Khamis, Mushait, Al Hufūf, Al Mubarraz & Hafar Al-Batin.
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