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6 Things to Know When Buying Switches and Sockets

An electric switch, a mechanical device, matters the most in the electrical circuit for making and breaking a connection. There are ample types of switches, be it slide, toggle, piano, rotary and rocker. From this list, when it comes to choosing domestic wiring, people opt for the piano type.

But with this, every time you are in the market or searching online for switches and sockets in Dubai, you are bound to have questions. Which electric switch and socket should be considered? What is the thing you should know before making a buying decision? The longer the list, the more confusion it adds, and therefore here is everything for your help.

6 things to know before buying switches and sockets

Know about GANG – Look at the plug socket; do you see the number of the control points on it? Yes, for the double socket, you get 2 gangs on it, and for a single socket, there is just one gang. Similarly, when talking about a light switch, one switch has one gang, two has two gangs, and this goes on. 

2 Way is a thing – How switches work can be described well, A 1-way switch seems to be easily breaking when thrown since it has just one live terminal. For A 2-Way switch, a live connection connects in the two-way switch from one terminal to another. This means one can monitor light from 2 different positions.

The Different Finishing Offered

More than simple bog-standard, you have vivid choices to pick. These have been in many houses and walls across the land too, and some are pretty common.

  1. Antique Brass
  2. Pearl Nickel
  3. Brushed Stainless Steel
  4. Polished Brass
  5. Painted White Metal
  6. Black Nickel
  7. Brushed Chrome
  8. Polished Chrome

These metal finishes are also available in slim plate depth and the desired depthless size and mm.

Double Pole Defines? 

It is said to be a secured feature situated on the main electrical control points. One that breaks a connection for live and neutral terminals and offers complete remoteness. This, in turn, permits maintenance on the high-powered appliance.

What defines Intermediate Switch?

As you need to regulate a light from three-position, an intermediate switch becomes a thing. In case a landing light needs to be controlled from both ends of the landing towards the bottom. The switch present in the middle of the circuit that divides it can be said as an intermediate switch.

Fitting Regulation – The regulation keeps on updating to build new properties for positioning the switches and sockets. Therefore, it needs to be kept in check to comply with the regulation and follow it for your home.

Conclusion – You are aware of all the 6 crucial things to consider and know before buying switches and sockets in Dubai. Therefore, now that you are aware of it, decide wisely and make the right pick. Do not let the internet confuse you with too many options, be selective. 

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